• Ronda Ogilvie

Easy Stuffed Apple Croissant!

Easy Stuffed Apple Croissant!

I sat so cozy in by best set of pajamas, under a fuzzy throw blanket, my feet up, in the reclining position of my favorite sofa. The smell of my over creamed coffee lurking in the air from the nearby end table. I scrolled through the social media channels as I often do in the morning upon waking. I was happy is was Sunday and I was getting to relax. My children all migrated form their rooms. They took a seat on the couch across the room and began to give me the stare down. We exchanged "good Mornings" and "I love yous" then I quickly looked back down trying to avoid the dreaded statement that was about to escape from their precious lips. It was all too late and I knew it! I had made eye contact, and before I could blink there it was! "We are hungry!" "What are we going to have for breakfast?" On the weekends I try and cook my children something warm and fresh, because honestly school is just too dang early and we pretty much eat cold over processed sugar cube cereal every day of the week. I use the weekend to up my mom game, so this morning here is what I came up with. My children named them the "Yummy Fillers". I knew I had some croissant dough sitting in the fridge from what I thought was going to be a fabulous dinner wreath, but we ended up having $5.00 pizza instead. I opened my refrigerator and peeked around for what other ingredients I could add to my croissant dough.

Ingredients used:

  • (1) roll of Pillsbury Croissant dough

  • (1) large apple

  • (4) oz cream cheese

  • (3) TBSP butter

  • (1/4) C brown sugar

  • (1)TBSP Cinnamon

  • (1) egg white


  1. Core and add apple to a food processor

  2. add chopped apple to small saucepan, with butter, cream cheese, brown sugar and Cinnamon.

  3. simmer on low, (stirring constantly) until butter and cream cheese are melted.

  4. let mixture cool

  5. separate the croissant dough into individual croissants

  6. add about a table spoon of filling onto each croissant and fold.

  7. brush with egg white, and sprinkle top with cinnamon and a pinch of white sugar.

  8. place on parchment paper lined cookie sheet and bake @ 375 for 10 minutes!

Let cool a couple minutes and enjoy!!