• Macy Ogilvie

Fiction Friday!! Short Stories by Macy

The Deer's Fight...

There was a deer in a forest next to a farm. She went over to the farm to see what farmer John was doing. On her way, she spotted a wolf inside the sheep's pen. Farmer John hated when animals from the forest went to his farm, but the deer knew she had to help the sheep! The deer jumped over the fence, sneeking over to the sheep in the tall grass. She told them there was a wolf nearby, but the sheep didn't listen. Then the wolf jumped on a sheep making it tumble to the ground. The deer attacked the wolf kicking it. The wolf scratched the deer and brought it to the ground. Farmer John shot the wolf with his B.B. gun and the wolf ran away. The deer helped the sheep up. Farmer John was happy with the deer and let the deer eat his grass from then on.

The end!

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