• Ronda Ogilvie

Banana Split Ice Cream Sandwich

A couple of days ago I made those super delicious Butterfinger Chocolate Toffee Crunch cookies. I made the cookies with left over Sundae toppings I had on hand which got me thinking, I should make an icecream sandwich with these cookies! So that I did! A banana Split Ice cream sandwich! I had this idea a couple days ago, but usually try and put my recipe posts together after I send my kids off to school. If I am able to get my food prepared by 10 am there is some awesome light in my bay window that is great for taking pictures. We will just say, I had the most delicious breakfast this morning! I may have to go running later to work off the extra calories form my ice cream sandwich breakfast of champions! I must say, these are worth every calorie and every mile I have to run to burn those calories!

Here is what you need:

~2 Butterfinger Chocolate Toffee Crunch Cookies

~1 scoop of each flavor Neoploitan Ice Cream (3 total)

~4 slices of banana

~strawberry, chocolate, caramel syrup


~first lay one cookie upside down on plate

~add small scoops of ice cream

~top with banana slices

~drizzle syrups on top

~add second cookie on top to form a sandwich

~press together


Place cookie on top and squish!!

Sincerely, Ronda

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