• Ronda Ogilvie

All Truth on This Day of Fools...

So it's that day again, the day for pranksters to play. The day of spiders on your head followed by a smirky little giggle. The day of fools. I've seen all over my social media sites folks asking not to play the pregnancy prank to avoid hurting mothers further who suffer from infertility or pregnancy loss. I am one of the statistics, one in four of my pregnancies ended in miscarriage. I walked into labor and delivery at 5 months pregnant, went through the whole labor and birthing process, delivered my son and walked home empty handed. My son was cremated and his ashes sit feet away from our kitchen table so he can join us every night for our family dinner. The loss is real, the heartache is real, but telling people what to do or not to do on April fools day is NOT going to fix it! I recently read a quote it said, "Some things in life can't be fixed, but some things in life must be carried." People are out to fix the world, but in reality somethings just need to be carried. I mourn my son everyday, not just on April fools day. This world has grown real bossy in trying to control how everyone is suppose to act or behave at ant given moment. I have never been good at being told what to do...ever. So here is the truth. I am a mom of four, one whom is in heaven. I clean my house best usually when I am expecting a visitor, all other days it's pretty messy! I eat animals, gluten, GMOs, and drink way more beer than the recommended amount by government guidelines and healthcare professionals. I wear yoga pants with no intention of doing yoga. I try and go for runs but am slower than a turtle and feel like I'm going to die every time! I was allowed to cuss in my home growing up, but you will rarely ever hear a curse word leave my lips. I have two biological siblings and six adopted and haven't spoke to some of them for years which hurts my heart. Abortion makes me sad, but what you do with your life and that of your child is not my business. I think parents who abandon their children to either family members or the system are jerks! I do not vote, yet I still complain about our government. If you believe I'm part of the problem with the U.S.A...I'll let you stress over that. I hate politics! I believe in God and that Jesus died for our sins on the cross, but I don't believe in church. I like country music, rock and roll, reggae, and hate rap. I have breast fed, bottle fed, filled the landfills with hundreds of disposable diapers. We have used pacifiers, thumb sucking, security blankets. We have co slept, lay our babies down on their stomach to sleep, on their back, and propped them on their sides. I have spanked, used time out, rewards, and bribery. I have three intelligent children who are overly sensitive. I have an honor society member, a talker who has a hard time sitting still, and a teen with selective Mutism. I am a helicopter mom. I don't know what I am doing, and just take motherhood day by day. I'm not into men or women, I'm into my husband. I don't care what you are in to. Boobs all over the internet drive me crazy, breastfeeding or not. I've worked hard outside of the home and I've worked hard being a stay at home mom. I celebrate...everything! I celebrate the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, St. Patricks day, Valentines Day, birthdays, everything! I have had Starbucks twice in my life and was pretty sure I was suffering a heart attack. I suffer from anxiety...a lot of anxiety. My life looks way cooler on Facebook and Instagram than it really is. My biggest regret in life is not being strong enough to stand up to peer pressure as a teenager. I've drank underage, smoked, did drugs, had sex before I was married because I thought that was the cool thing to do. This post is about me. It's all truth. I am lucky enough to be at peace with who I am. April fools day is a day known for lies, deceit, and pranks when in reality people are lying to themselves everyday. I recently saw another quote this one by, Danielle Laporte. The quote read, "Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?" Something to think about...

Have a beautiful day! "Be yourself, everyone else is taken!" ~ Oscar Wilde

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