• Ronda Ogilvie

An Open Letter to my Younger Self

An open letter to my younger self:

Dear, Ronda

You were born a gift to the world on December 21, 1974. Don’t forget that...ever! As a young girl you will have scraggly hair, buck teeth, and freckles, but you are beautiful. Life will not always be fair and you will be required to carry some very heavy burdens, but you are strong! You will struggle through peer pressure and break ups but through these you will grow wiser. You will meet your soulmate and you will get married, but your dad won’t be there to walk you down the aisle, because you’ll also know the pain of cancer. You will be lucky enough to know the joy of labor, childbirth and the sounds of a newborn’s cry, but you will also know the pain of labor, childbirth, and a child born sleeping. You will know the joy of Mother’s Day and the pain of having too few with your own mom. You will be an awesome mom all while being pretty sure you’re screwing it all up. You will know what it’s like to have everything, and you will know what it’s like to have it all taken away. You will have many different cars, homes, and material things, and you will learn none of these things define you. You will feel love and you will feel loss, and you will learn that nothing can fix the grief, and it must be carried. You will learn how to carry it, and as you grow older and your body starts becoming frail your mind and your heart will be stronger from it. You will learn beauty does indeed come from the inside and not through filters or expensive makeup. You will learn that people will love you longer in yoga pants than in stilettos. You will learn that a messy top knot is perfectly acceptable because your heart is on point. You will learn to Love more and hate few. You will learn that soda pops and candy bars WILL eventually catch up with you, and that health food isn’t all that bad. You will be in such a hurry to grow up, that you will forget to slow down. One day your babies will be crawling and next they will be teenagers. Your once brunette hair will slowly begin to grey, and your green eyes will show your age every time you smile. You will begin to wonder where life has gone and feel as if you are driving with the gas light on wondering how far you’ll make it. How ever far you make it, just remember you are a gift to this world! Love much, Laugh often, and do wrong to none!

Love you more each day, Me <3

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