• Ronda Ogilvie

Kayaking Fireman's Cove, Lake Pleasant Arizona!

This past Easter my family and I camped in Fireman's cove at Lake Pleasant here in Arizona. I would have to say it ended up being a pretty darn good weekend! We recently purchased some kayaks for the family to get out on the water during the warm summer months. Camping at Fireman's cove, here is what we found...

Know before you go!!

~Fireman's Cove is a popular spot, not only for shoreline camping, but also for events. Make sure you check Lake Pleasant's website before you go to make sure the cove is not closed for an event. you can access their site here:


~Get there early! Primitive shoreline camping is first come first serve. We arrived around 7 am Thursday morning to park our trailer to insure we got a prime s

~On busy weekends they will close the gates if the lake gets too many visitors, while we were there they quit letting people in, so once again even if just coming for the day get there early!

~Bring plenty of water and sunscreen! While swimming or kayaking you may not feel thirsty, but the sun dehydrates you quickly! Although it may not feel like it while on the water, you are still in the middle of the desert! I applied sunscreen at least four times on Saturday and still came home with a sunburn. Apply sunscreen more often than you think! A hat and sunglasses are also a great Idea!

~If you run out of water or Ice there is a store on the lake at The lake Pleasant Marina! Here you can also rents boats or grab some BBQ at the Marina restaurant! They also sell ice right at the entrance to the park at the rangers station!


Before leaving we each grabbed a trash bag and picked up any trash we could spot! If everyone did their part this lake will continue to be a beautiful place to bring your family for years to come. As I always tell my children, "Let's leave it better than we found it!"

Sincerely, Ronda

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