• Ronda Ogilvie

My life is like a pair of old Holey socks!

Life is like a pair of socks. You start out new, you are soft to the touch. You are bright and clean, with lots of elasticity with your whole life ahead of you. You go through childhood and you may get worn outside without shoes and you begin to get a little dirty, but you are still in good shape. The mom of the house continues to try and keep you clean but sometimes the outside dirt starts seeping into your fibers and by the time you become a teenager maybe you begin to lose your way. You end up separated from everything you have known and you become a lost sock!

Now you are a young adult and you are a lost sock, You desperately try and find your match. Whether it be the perfect match in a relationship, a perfect match in a career. You search high and low for this perfect match and wonder if you will ever be whole again. You go on and match up with a sock with a different colored stripe or maybe a different color all together. You put up a front by putting on pants so no one will see that you are not matched but you are not happy this way.

Your journey continues through life and one day right when you thought you've lost all hope, behind the dryer you find your match! Life is perfect again as if you were just out of the package. You have traveled far and have went on many journeys. You are now a wise old pair of socks. Sometimes the journey makes you a little stinky but with a good cleansing you are nice again. You become worn and comfortable, so comfortable in fact that you become a favorite amongst your peers. Other lost socks come to you for advice on finding and becoming the perfect match.

Now you have gone through life, you are comfortable. You begin to get worn too much, you start to become thin. Holes start forming in the areas of the most friction. But because this pair of old socks has become a favorite and always has it's mate they continue to be worn. Now that there are holes where there is the most friction, the skin underneath blisters and starts to callus making it even thicker and stronger than before. You have done your job, time to retire into the old rag box in the garage. You sit and you watch, still matched with your Holey mate the new socks coming out of their package. You wonder what their journey may bring, and just hope they find their match in this crazy crazy world of lost socks.

Have a wonderful mating day ;)

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