• Ronda Ogilvie

Stewards of the Environment and Land...Mortimer Farms!!

I believe there is nothing better for your heart and your health than getting outside and enjoying nature, fresh air, and sunshine! Whether you adventure around the globe or in your own backyard, letting the sun kiss your skin and fresh air fill your lungs as often as possible is something we should all live by. My family recently took a day trip right here in our own backyard to Mortimer Farm In Dewey, Arizona. We try and make it every year to their annual sweet corn harvest festival and this year was no different. The day of the harvest party we hopped in our car and headed to Dewey, Arizona. Once at the farm there are activities galore! My kids ran around climbing, sliding, zip-lining, and riding big tricycles until we said it was lunch time! During the harvest party our admission included lunch which consisted of pulled pork or hot dog, cucumber salad, and a dessert. My husband and I also got some grilled sweet corn on the cob!

After lunch we walked around visiting the different farm animals, we had some shaved ice and ice- cream and just hung out and let the kids run off their energy.

The thing I love about Mortimer farm and that I think makes them really stand out above the rest is their pride in their community. I happened upon a brochure while I was shopping in their small farmers market. The top of the brochure read "Stewards of the Environment and Land". I was instantly intrigued because my family spends a lot of our free time on steward projects to help preserve our land and environment.

Here are some practices the Mortimer Family engage in daily to help preserve the environment, land, and natural resources.

~Dirt Smart- Through crop rotation, adding organic material back into the soil, and minimal tillage they increase organic material, increase soil health, decrease erosion, and add nutrients back into the soil. all of these practices keep the soil fertile.

~Water Smart- Mortimer uses the latest technology to preserve water for the future generations. from crop to residential irrigation systems they use their water wisely and effectively.

~Air Smart- In the past 30 years Mortimer team has planted more than 150 thousand trees around Yavapai county, not only beautifying the environment but also providing crucial bee, bird, and wildlife habitats!

~Recycling Smart- Christmas trees from around the region as well as leaves an manure are made into a recycled mulch that is used right here on the farm and surrounding areas!

~Animal Smart- The farm provides clean fresh water to their animals and wildlife at all times. A readily supply of food and vitamin supplements provide the farm animals with optimal health.

~LandSmart- Cattle are rotated to control overgrowth, lessen the risk of wildfires, and reseed native grasses. Mortimer team protects the land and open spaces by eliminating trash and increasing conservation or ranch and farm lands.

Visiting Mortimer farm is always a great way to feel like a kid again. When on the farm you feel like a part of the Mortimer Family. Not only is it a great way to get outside, you can also bring part of the farm home with you! Mortimer Farms has a small farmers market on site where you can find some really great produce and meats! The market is riddled with fresh produce, jams and jellys, salsas, meats and delicious baked goods! My family picked out some fresh sweet corn and a couple jars of Mortimer salsa that really hit the spot when we returned home!

Keep your eyes open for some more Mortimer events coming up in this fall! You can also visit their website MortimerFarmsAZ.com for all the information you may need including activities and admission prices!

So go on! What are you waiting for? Get out to the farm, you won't be disappointed!

Sincerely, Ronda