• Sincerely, Ronda

Everything Is Awesome This Holiday Season!!

If you are looking for a festive getaway this holiday season I would highly recommend LegoLand® California where you can experience the magic of the holidays! Every year my family makes a trip to kick off the holidays and get our spirit in high gear. The last few years we embarked on a trip to the North pole via the polar express, but this year decided to try something new and visit LegoLand® for the holidays.

Upon entering the park you can already feel the magic enter your being. From the decorations and music to the twinkling lights, to the worlds largest Lego Christmas tree! I was pretty sure my kids were plotting a scheme to throw my camera into the nearest body of water due to the fact they were missing valuable ride time because of the crazy amount of photo ops there were. As we made our way through the park and rides we ended up in Fun Town right as the Elves were taking a break from making toys to come and make music in front of the world's largest Lego Christmas tree. The "Yule Tides" were great, singing Christmas carols old and new! As we sat and enjoyed the music from the elves to our surprise snow began to fall from the sky!! I'm not even joking here! It was 80 degrees on the day we went and LegoLand® brought the magic of snow!!!

Life size Lego Brick Santa was amazing, my kids felt they were too old to take a picture with Santa which broke my heart a little but I still got a picture of him anyway! We then made our way to miniland and my son really enjoyed finding and counting all the santa and reindeer placed through out each exhibit, it was like an I spy game!

The food!! Did I mention the food? There are holiday treats galore like churros con chocolate, Holiday Smoked Turkey Sandwich with rustic stuffing and spiced cranberry dressing, holiday cookies, peppermint milkshakes, smoked turkey legs, candy apples and more! Your family can warm up with apple cider and hot chocolate too! As the sun set it got chili! Not food chili, but cold chili! We ended up having to buy sweatshirts in the gift shop because we didn't plan for the temps to drop as the sun went down. So this is Sincerly, Ronda's friendly reminder that the temps can change dramatically, especially if you see a ride with no line and hop on it only to be completely soaked right before sun down (I don't recommend this). Please pack a sweater for the night!

Once the sun went down the magic got even brighter! The twinkling lights and the glow of the Christmas tree were breath taking! We finished our night looking through the gift shops where they had lots of fun holiday gift ideas and building our own custom mini figures.

Everything was Awesome! My family and I enjoyed our holiday adventure at Legoland® and are now full of the Christmas spirit! Thank you, Legoland® for the magic!!

*Disclosure* Sincerely, Ronda is an official LegoLand® Blogger we received complimentary park tickets to share our experience with you. All opinions are my own.