• Sincerely, Ronda

Don't Blink

I cleaned up a table in the playroom today. It's a quiet Sunday morning, a little dreary outside so I decided to do some cleaning. A coffee table sits in the middle of our playroom, it has always been covered with random toys and role playing scenes. Today as I was clearing it there were littlest pet shops sitting around a tiny table covered with tiny little food. a small police officer standing guard on the balcony of a small Pet Shop cafe. There was a toy German Shepard dog sitting on a carpet sample from Lowe's. a little rocking chair sitting with a tiny piece of fabric from who knows where. The table left abandoned with all these tiny little scenes that you can almost figure out the imaginative story line behind it.

I've cleaned and cleared this table many many times over the years the difference today was, it will most likely be the last time. You see the scenes left on this table have been there for months. cleaning it today was like losing a very important part of my life. The toys left on the table were the last time my now teenage daughter played there. If you have ever watched the movie Toy Story you know the scene all too well. You know what scene I'm talking about, the one that leaves a lump the size of Texas in your throat. The scene where the child turns into a teenager and leaves her toys on the curb for donation. The scene where toys are traded for magazines and makeup.

I hate being at the stage in life where I feel the need to warn people. it's so cliche to say, "Don't blink, they grow up so fast!" But here I am to warn you of exactly this! They do grow up too fast. You never know when the time will come when they will sit in the playroom and play for the last time. I left her toys sitting there as to not disturb whatever she was in the middle of imagining thinking she would come back and continue. I then left the toys sitting there HOPING she would come back and continue. I then left the toys sitting KNOWING she was not going to come back, because she has turned into a young lady. I left the toys sitting there because I couldn't let go of my baby girl.

So today I cleaned up a table in the playroom....for the last time. So my advice is this, If you find yourself cleaning up a table in YOUR playroom today embrace it! Look closely at the little scenes that have been so strategically placed. Enjoy this "mess", because trust me this mess won't last forever. One day you will clean it up for the last time as your child moves on to new milestones. They are only little for a very short time and it's heartbreaking!